The organization SAWA (hereafter SAWA) expressly declares that it does not maintain legal presence or legal representation in any country other than Spain, in which it preforms its developmental programs, but instead it works through local partnerships, usually identities with their own legal propriety, in accordance with the developmental objectives the association promotes in the corresponding nation.

People who contribute to SAWA to aid in any project promoted by SAWA in any nation, expressly recognize that by registering as a volunteer, they do not become an international employee of SAWA and the association is not responsible for such volunteers. SAWA acts only as a limited intermediary to aid in the communication of international counterparts in order to implement projects on the ground. Volunteers of any involved organizations are respectively responsible for their accommodation and the implementation of their activities.

In case of any conflict in which repatriation of any volunteer is deemed advisable or mandatory, the association SAWA declares that it does not have a specific protocol and it limits itself to recommending that any volunteer or counterpart follow the instructions and safety guidelines provided by the Spanish Embassy corresponding to that respective country.



In fulfillment of the obligation delineated in article 10 of law 34/2002, on July 11, of Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico, the below details correspond to the source entity of this Website.

Type of entity: Association SAWA

Domicile: C/ Esperanto 3, 8 A, 29007, Malaga, Spain

Telephone: 671 431 261, e-mail:

Registry: The Association SAWA is registered in the National Registry of Associations, section 1, with national number 615448.

C.I.F: G93601466


Intellectual Property

All of the contents available on the webpage of the association SAWA are subject to copyright laws.


Privacy Policy

In fulfillment of article 5 of law 15/1999, on December 13, on the protection of personal information privacy, we report that information registered or transferred in the process of filling out any applications for participation as a volunteer or partner or information collected during the process of a donation, sponsorship or online giving or any other personal information gathered through email or through any other means, unless the interested party states otherwise, indicates expressed consent that SAWA utilize your personal data for the indicated purpose and also indicates that you consent to receive communication and information that SAWA considers relevant, and always with the goal to pursue the objectives of the association.  This information will be used only within the confines of the relationships established by SAWA with its partners, colleagues, donors, subscribers and friends of our cause.

All data will be collected in a database which is the sole responsibility of SAWA.

Any user may exercise their right to access, correct, cancel, or oppose, according to the mentioned law, by sending a written and signed request which includes their full name and a valid and accredited ID to SAWA, C/ Esperanto 3, 8 A, 29007, Malaga, Spain.

In accordance with current law, SAWA has adopted the necessary safety measures to protect personal data, as per decree Real Decreto1720/2007 (Reglamento de desarrollo de la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, 13th of December, Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal), having trained personnel who will handle the aforementioned data, as per their obligations and the law’s requirements, in terms of confidentiality.  The foundation has implemented the technical measures necessary to guarantee the confidential treatment of such data and to avoid its loss, alteration or unauthorized access.


Volunteerism – The sending of Questionnaires

If you are a volunteer who offers to assist in any of the projects promoted by SAWA and you send in a completed questionnaire with your personal data and background, be hereby informed that according to article 5 of la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, that your data will be used to contact you when we select volunteers and such data cannot be used for any other ends. Your data will be included in a database for which SAWA is solely responsible.

When we initiate a process of selection in which your profile may be selected, we will contact you. Therefore, we will maintain your personal data for the period of time in order to be able to count on your participation.  In order to maintain up to date information, please inform us promptly if your contact information changes.

You can exercise your right to access, correct, cancel or oppose at any moment, by submitting a request in writing with a copy of your official ID to SAWA, C/ Esperanto 3, 8 A, 29007, Malaga, Spain.


Protection of Minors Policy

Access and use of our portal is granted only to users 18 years of age and older.

SAWA, reminds internet users that are 18 years of age and in charge of minors, that it is your sole responsibility to keep your minor/s from registering their information with our foundation. We also inform you that there are filters that can be utilized to prohibit your minor/s from navigating to certain sites and to block content that is questionable or inappropriate for minors.