We consider the intrinsic value of people, which does not depend on their place of birth or residence, on the economic situation, on political or religious beliefs. Every person —male or female, child, adolescent, youngster, adult or elderly— should be able to live in material and social conditions where that value is considered.

We wish to recover and restore the dignity of communities that, due to different circumstances, have partially lost that condition; minority groups affected by unfavorable economic situations, excluded or persecuted by other groups that exert economic or ideological pressures, even imposing themselves forcefully on others in the middle of wars.

We long to see communities living in decent conditions, with equal rights and opportunities, working in coordination and cooperation with one another, enjoying peace and harmony.



• Respect
• Transparency
• Cooperation
• Teamwork
• Professionalism and commitment


Our mission is to help meet the basic needs of different social groups, in the areas of health, education and development.

Encouraging friendship with local actors, providing assistance in order to favor the enrichment and expansion of their vision.

Promoting the skills of local heroes and cooperating with their homegrown initiates to bring more clarity to their vision and enhance their abilities.

Collaborating with the reconstruction and reactivation of communities, by providing material and human resources that facilitate this.

Providing training for the development of new skills that allow them to create a more favorable situation.