Donation Policy

On our website, a donation is defined as the voluntary giving of money by an individual or organization with the objective of benefiting the projects of the nonprofit organization SAWA.  Donations are voluntary and provide no economic or service benefit to the giver.

One-time donations can be made via the website, through Visa or MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, through PayPal, or through a bank transfer to the following bank account; Bank account for donations IBAN: ES93 0081 7445 4400 0127 3836

SAWA may request personal information from their donors for the purpose of processing a donation, communication with the donor, and/or general administration.  Therefore, the use of our online giving platform implies that you have read and accept our donation policy, our cancelation and refund policy, as well as our information privacy policy.


Donation designations

Donations are designated for the activities and projects undertaken by the NGO.

SAWA, in order to support and contribute to various social groups and to provide for some of their most essential needs, SAWA provides training in various areas.  We desire to highlight the capabilities of the local population in their own desire to improve their lives.  Through the implementation of projects aimed at development and reconstruction, we desire to collaborate with the reactivation and improvement of segments of the population such as children, women, young people, the elderly, and other religious and / or racial minorities (due to their vulnerability).

For SAWA, there are two types of donations; 1) donations designated for a specific project published on its website and 2) donations directly for the association.  Each promoted projects try to solve a specific problem, has a short or long-term impact, and has a specific fundraising goal and deadline.  The projects always have as their sole purpose the fulfillment of the social objectives of the association.

The donors understand and accept that by donating to a project, this donation will contribute to the achievement of the objectives established by SAWA for this project.

The donors understand and accept that by donating directly to the association, the donations will be used at the discretion of SAWA.


Minimum donation acceptance

A minimum donation of 10 euros is established.

In accordance with article 42 of Royal Decree 304/2014, of May 5, which approves the Regulation of Law 10/2010, of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the SAWA Association will identify and verify the identity of its donors who make a donation in an amount equal to or greater than 100 euros.

The SAWA Association reserves the right to accept or reject a donation. The association will not accept donations that come from illegal sources, criminal organizations, or that would harm the association itself or its projects.


International donations

Our virtual platform allows us to accept donations from around the world.


Recognition of donations

Once your donation has been processed, you will receive an email stating that SAWA has received your donation.  If you require a physical receipt of the donation for tax reasons, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with a hard copy detailing the recognition of your charitable giving.


Collection and processing of donor information

You can visit our privacy policy for information regarding the processing of personal data provided by donors. This information will be used only by SAWA for management, communication, and administration purposes. It cannot be used for other purposes.



Cancellations and refunds of specific donations are not available. The donors understand and accept that all donations processed on the website are final, therefore the donor waives the right to claim a refund or return. SAWA does not process refunds or reimbursements for amounts donated through the website.

Nevertheless, in case of any concerns or claims about donations made on the site web, donors can contact SAWA, by sending messages in the «Contact» section of the portal.


Cancellation of periodic donations

As regards the cancellation of periodic donations, the donor should inform SAWA of their intention to cancel periodic donation with the following advanced notice:

– For monthly donations: please inform us at least 15 days before the upcoming date of collection of the following scheduled donation.


To cancel a periodic donation, it is necessary that you communicate with us through email at, allowing the advanced notice timeframe indicated above and specifying in the subject “CANCELLATION OF PERIODIC DONATION”.